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have been feeling very down the past few days... ...stayed at work…

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have been feeling very down the past few days...

...stayed at work until 1pm today but then made my excuses and left and came home and went to bed. i havent done that in months but i just couldnt keep on going today

also, i am really really worried about money. I have absolutely none and I got a letter from the bank today saying they are going to start charging me interest on my overdraft (i haven't paid interest until now because it was a student account and then a graduate account, now they are changing it into a regular bank account where i'll have to pay 18% a month) so yeah, i'm freaking out, I have NO money atall. i'll be able to pay my rent and that is it, literally. i'm going to have to sell some of my more expensive possessions to get by.

its such a mess.

and on the ed side of things, i've gone from eating nothing to eating one or two things a day, but they are calorie heavy bad bad things and i feel so so guilty for it. so that just makes me feel even lower than i already am.
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On June 21st, 2008 08:48 pm (UTC), loony_undun commented:
im sorry hunny... I think maybe it is time to ask for help.
I'm here for you and you know it. And if there's a moment when you need to talk... please email me and i'll reply from uni, ok? Take care of yourself
And ed wise... I know how that feels and it sucks... try to stay in control and stick to a meal plan. I now it is super hard but it can be done.
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