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Kind of really worried / triggered about recent weight gain... I just…

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Kind of really worried / triggered about recent weight gain... I just left two and a half months of treatment at the end of January. The 6th of January (while still in treatment) I got my first period. Exactly one month later on February 6th I got my period again. Aside from being somewhat triggered by getting my period, I was thinking "OK, cool. I'm on schedule with a normal (predictable) period."
So since I have a boyfriend I was going to start birth control after my next period (we have been having unprotected sex since I have been back - idiot) I was expecting it on the sixth like it had come the last two times and now it is the 11th...
I took two pregnancy tests a couple of days ago and they were both negative so I really don't think that is the case, but I have also weighed myself at the gym (I know, very stupid stupid idea) and since I first got back from treatment to NOW, I am X lbs HEAVIER...
I haven't been binging ("average person" over eating on occasion perhaps and self loathing at times but not caloricaly binging anyways) and I'm eating more "healthy"/"safer foods" than I had at treatment (they REALLY challenged fear foods).
So, I'm sorry if this is confusing to understand... I guess my biggest question is what could be causing this weight gain? I have been doing really quite well dietarily I think (no "major" behaviors). Also, I'm not really using heavy weights at the gym so I don't think I could of gained that many pounds of muscle especially in just a few weeks...
I really appreciate ANY thoughts you all might have
Thanks <3
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