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Life Beyond Eating Disorders

Because You Own Your Body

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Do you feel trapped behind your addiction? Have you lost part of your life, self identity,
voice, relationships, career, education, time, money, goals and dreams to eating disorders?

What Is Life Beyond Eating Disorders?

Life Beyond Eating Disorders is a safe place for people with eating disorders and their supporters to rant, rave, rejoice, reclaim and receive support and friendship. We would like for you to use this community as a second home, a place where you go to connect with others who have been there or are still there. The members of this community are the ones who run it. It will take teamwork to keep this community alive. Freedom of speech is respected but if you find content to be detrimental then you can report it to MyOwnStickFigure@aol.com for common sense review.

Who Can Join Life Beyond Eating Disorders?

This community has open membership. All we ask is that you have a desire to live a life beyond your eating disorders. You do not have to be in recovery to join, recovery comes to those who are ready. You can join if you are still active in your eating disorders. If you are pro-eating disorder and looking for a pro-eating disorder community then this is NOT the place for you. If you are a parent, family member, partner or friend and have joined to support other people with eating disorders but have never had an eating disorder yourself, then please be cautious about how you interact with and approach members who do have eating disorders. We are dealing with a very complicated and serious disease here.

What Kind Of Eating Disorders Will I Find Here?

People will ALL variations or combinations of this disease are welcome to join! There is no disease there that is considered ''sicker'' than another. Anyone with eating disorders can be struggling, regardless of what ED they have, how long that have had it or their body size. What's hurting us the most is the eating disordered thoughts and behaviors, which can eventually kill us. Here you will find people battling anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia, binge eating , complusive over eating, night binging, emotional/stress eating, ed-nos, bigorexia, complusive over exercising, anal purging, pica, spitting and chewing, body image issues, fasters, obsessive weighers and calorie counters, etc. Our members include women, men, non gendered, transgendered, others, and different: religions, backgrounds, nationalities, sexualities, spiritualities, ages and locations. This is a hate free community where we can unite, support and evolve together.

What Am I Allowed To Post In Life Beyond Eating Disorders?

What you post is up to you. If you have joined this community then you understand its purpose. You are in control of your own posts and the content of them, whether it is eating disorder related or not. You are responsible for what you choose to say and how you choose to say it. Discretion is advised when posting about explicit eating disorder thoughts or behaviors. If you do choose to write about these topics, please do not include pro eating disorder related tips or tricks as they are not beneficial for our health. It may be beneficial for you to talk about eating disorder thoughts or behaviors here because you may not have other sources to turn to. Let it out! Do not be afraid or discouraged to post how you are really feeling. Be as honest and raw as you need to be! Say things the way you need to say them. Everyone has their own style of writing and ways of articulating themselves. What works for one member may not work for another but please respect each other to the best of your ability. This is not a community to pass judgment, argue or complete with on one another. Nor are we hare to play the blame or shame game. No one deserves this disease and negative feelings encourage people to stay in this disease as a way to cope, which is not healthy.

We encourage you to find your voice and reclaim the life you have lost or feel you are currently loosing to eating disorders. You are encouraged to create colorful and motivational posts, artwork, voice clips, videos and words or images that give you strength and hope for a life beyond this disease. You are also encouraged to post your triumphs and tribulations. Please do not hesitate to post about your ups or your downs, as we want this to be a safe place to talk about what is really going on in your life. Life has it's up as well as it's downs! We will all fall at some point in our lives but we will always have the choice to get back up. It's far more productive to use writing in a safe and supportive place, as a coping mechanism then to use eating disorders to runaway, hide, isolate and numb ourselves.

To the members who are recovered or in recovery, remember that those who are not in recovery are in places that we have been in before. Be cautious when commenting to members who are still active in their disease. We do not want to discourage these members from posting as they are going to need extra support from us. The only one who can save us is our own self.

If you are still active in your disease and want to support other members in healthy ways then please feel free to do so. You are not a hypocrite for trying to help othes who are also battling eating disorders. We are all here because we have the desire to live. Each and everyone of us will be in different places of our eating disorders but that does not make one person better then the other. Our influences and the company we choose to keep can make dramatic differences in our lives. We are here to work together and to help one another, not harm one another or help one another harm ourselves.

Would you like something else to do other then addict through your eating disorder? Join us in a live chat! Please post to the community when you would like to get a chat session started. The chat room will always be running but participation will keep it active. Click this link:

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 Free Java Chat from Bravenet.com

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