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what an odd day. i'm in work and a huge bouquet of flowers arrives…

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what an odd day. i'm in work and a huge bouquet of flowers arrives for me...from my ex who i am seeing later that night. the card reads "looking forward to tonight! x"

spend the rest of the day hugely confused about the meaning behind the flowers

go to meet him, have a drink. his housemates show up to give him the key to their new place and as its rond the corner fromt he pub we pop by to see it. afterwards we say goodbye and i head home. i want to cry, i do cry, a l ittle bit. i buy food on the way home and devour it all in minutes (fighting off the cat who wants some too...) then i spend 20 quiet minutes in the bathroom, making sure my housemates on the floor above don't hear wha i'm doing.

i give myself a nose bleed from the intensity of it, but at least the food is gone. i cant believe i ate it, i had done so well at not eating.

now im in bed and tomorrow is another day and i'll only have the scars on my knockles to show for it

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On June 18th, 2008 08:37 pm (UTC), loony_undun commented:
Yeah I know what you mean but hey, if they dont want to join... its ok too. I hope someone feels safe enough to post, though.
And yesssssssssss its our personal chat;D
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